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Below are some commonly asked questions about MyFlightbook. Contact us if your question is not answered here.


Can I bulk edit my flights?
Excel download isn't displaying dates correctly
Excel refresh isn't working
How can I get more HH:MM columns in the CSV download?
How do you decide what to add as flight properties?
How do you make money with MyFlightbook if it's free?

Getting Started

Are there any tutorials for using MyFlightbook?
Can I bulk import telemetry (GPX, KML, etc.) to my flights?
I have lots of hours - is there an easy way to import them into MyFlightbook?
I have lots of hours on paper, is there an easy way to set my starting totals?
I imported my flights twice and now I have two copies of each flight.
I tried to import a spreadsheet but it tells me I have no "Date" column
Important tips for easy flight import.


How can I delete my account?
Why do I need an account?


How can I choose which image is displayed for an aircraft?
How can I delete or update an aircraft?
How do I handle amphibs and planes that are part time on floats?
I added an aircraft, but it changed the model I specified. Why?
I fly lots of aircraft that are the same model (e.g., an airline pilot).
I have too many aircraft in my list - can I remove aircraft I no longer fly?
Tips for editing aircraft

Airports and Mapping

How do I include a VOR/NDB/etc. in my route of flight?
How do I log airports?
My airport isn't in your database


Can my website or app work with MyFlightbook?
I'm a developer - is there any way to help?
Tools for developers?


Can I merge flights?
How do I change the date format?

Logging Time

Does MyFlightbook track duty time per FAR 117?
How can I log CFI or SIC Time?
How can I log high-performance/tailwheel/turbine/complex time?
How can I record a combination property?
How can I record my multi-engine (or helicopter or other) checkride?
How can I record Solo Cross-Country, Dual Cross-Country, or PIC-Cross-Country?
How do I log ground training/instruction when I didn't fly?
How do I log simulator time (ATD/FTD/Simulator)?
How should I log cross-country time
My simulator time is being included in my totals (or SEL/MEL time). Why?
Why am I seeing my Seneca time contribute to high-performance totals?
Why aren't my landings or takeoffs counting towards my currency?

Mobile Apps

Can I use the mobile app off-line?
How do I update or delete an aircraft?
My app isn't detecting takeoffs/landings - why not?
My app won't install (iOS or Android)
My iPad is wifi only. Can I use (or import from) an external GPS?
Troubleshooting Android
Why is the landing count wrong?


How can I print my logbook?
How can I save my printing preferences for future use?
In print view, some pages are spilling across multiple sheets of paper
Tips for making a printed logbook look great
Why are the flights per page only approximate?

Tips & Tricks

Formatting your comments.
How can I bulk delete flights?
How can I control the sort order for multiple flights on a single day?
Mobile Apps - Data Entry
My authorities want the ability to track edits to a flight. Can I do this?
Tips for searching

Because you are likely to report your flying based on the results of such searches, queries on MyFlightbook are highly structured in order to avoid false positives or negatives.  This is why searching is not a simple field into which you can simply type search terms like on Google.

Hopefully, the search form - while obviously more complex than a simple search field - is easy to use.  That said, there are a few techniques that can help you refine your search.

  • All searching is case insensitive and partial word searches.
  • By default, a flight must match ALL of the criteria that you specify in order to be included in the result set.  The more criteria you specify, the fewer flights will match.  But some sections of search criteria (namely flight characteristics and presence of flight properties) allow for you to specify "ANY" or "NONE" criteria.  "ANY" in this case means that any of the criteria will satisfy that section.  (If there are additional criteria specified outside of that section, then that criteria must also be met).  "NONE" works in the same way: if the specified criteria is met with NONE specified, then the flight is rejected.
  • If you search for "Local" flights, it will find any flight that has exactly one airport in the route, or that has the same airport twice.  E.g., "KSFO" or "KSFO-KSFO" are both considered local flights.  "Non-local" flights will return anything that leaves the home field.  I.e., this is basic cross-country by the 61.1 definition.
  • When searching in the "Flight visited any of these airports" field, you can use "!" as a prefix or suffix. !ABC matches flights that depart from ABC (i.e., ABC is the first airport in the route of flight), and ABC! matches flights that arrive at ABC (i.e., ABC is the last airport in the route of flight).
  • Text that you put into the *private* notes for an aircraft are included in search.  (Public notes are shared amongst pilots who fly the aircraft, and these are excluded from search).  So you can make up a tag like "#FIKI#" and put it into the private notes for each appropriate aircraft to indicate that (in this example) it is certified for flight into known icing; you can then search for "#FIKI#" and find all the flights in FIKI-certified aircraft.  Note that there's nothing magical about the hashtag ("#") prefix/suffix, it's just a handy way to avoid false-positive matches.
  • In the "Model Contains" field, you can type a partial string to match on the full name of a model (including manufacturer).  For example, if you type "Cessna" then you'll match flights in any Cessna.
  • In the "Model Contains" field, if you search for "icao:xxx", then it will only find flights in aircraft that have an exact match to xxx in the ICAO designation for the model.  E.g., "icao:b772" will match flights in a Boeing 777-200, but not in a Boeing 777-300 (which has an ICAO code of B773).
  • There is also a field where you can search for any text within the flight (route, comments, properties, etc.). This roughly follows Google conventions:
    • dog cat = must contain "dog" and must contain "cat" (but not necessarily in that order, separated by anything)
    • "dog cat" = must contains "dog cat" (inclusive of spaces)
    • dog OR cat = contains dog OR contains cat
    • -dog = must NOT contain dog
    • -"dog cat" = must NOT contain "dog cat"
    • -"dog -cat" must NOT contain "dog -cat" (i.e., the hyphen inside the quoted text is preserved, not negation)
    • -dog -cat = contains neither dog nor cat ("NOT dog AND NOT cat")
    • -dog OR cat = doesn't contain dog OR does contain cat.
  • Specify trailing dates in the free-text field. If you type "Trailing:" followed by a number followed by one of D, W, M, or CM, then this will override any other date setting and set the date to the specified number of Days (D), Weeks (W), Months (M), or Calendar Months (CM) prior to today. For example:
    • "Trailing:90d" - restricts to the 90 days leading up to today
    • "Trailing:36CM" - restricts to the 36 calendar months prior to today.  (E.g., if today is Nov 8 2020, then this will do flights on or after Nov 1 2017)
  • In text searches, you can use "?"  and "*" as wildcards to match a single character or any number of characters.  E.g., "C-1?2" will match both C-172 and C-182, and "C*182" will match both "C-182" and "C182".
  • Restrict free-text search to the comments field or the route field by using the prefix "CMT=" or "RTE=", respectively.  So, for example "CMT=Scrubbed" will find all flights where the comment consists of EXACTLY the word scrubbed, while "RTE=" (nothing after the "=") will find all of your flights where nothing is present in the route of flight.  Note too that the hyphen prefix described above still works, so "-RTE=KSFO*" will find flights where the route does NOT start with "KSFO", and "-CMT=" will find flights where the comments are NOT empty.
  • As mentioned above, properties are included in the free-form search, along with their labels.  So you can search for flights that have or don't have a particular property using the search form, but you can also search for a particular value for a property by using it's label format.  E.g., to find all flights with a student name of John Doe, search for "Student: John Doe" (include the quotes).
  • Save a query for later use.  There's a drop-down at the bottom of the search form.  Type a name into the field there, and when you execute the search it will be saved with the name you used.  To use the search next time, just click its name in the drop-down.
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