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MyFlightbook is your online pilot's logbook!

  • Access your logbook from anywhere!
  • Ensure that you are current
  • Get detailed totals
  • Track progress towards ratings
  • Use your phone/tablet to fill in flights as you fly them
  • Share flights on Facebook or Twitter
  • Download your logbook into a spreadsheet
  • View your flights on a map
  • And much more...

MyFlightbook is completely free of charge!

Here is a quick description of the main areas of the site:

  • Logbook   - Manage your flights. Enter new flights, view flights you've logged, view your currency, search for flights and totals, download your logbook to a spreadsheet, or import your logbook from another source, and get a print view of your logbook.
  • Aircraft   - View and edit just the aircraft that you fly.  You can also define the characteristics of various aircraft models. E.g., all Boeing 737's are turbine, multi-engine, and have retractable landing gear. MyFlightbook uses this to determine your time in aircraft that have these characteristics so you don't have to log it yourself!
  • Airports - View flight routes with links for FBO information and weather, see airports you've visited, add airports, and try your skills at identifying airports from satellite imagery. You can even add new airports into the system
  • Training - Track your training progress: manage endorsements and relationships with students and instructors, view progress towards different ratings, see your 8710 form, and even earn badges for various achievements!
  • Profile - Change your password, provide the date of your last medical, and adjust your preferences. You can even create custom currency rules or deadlines!

Recent flights taken by members of the MyFlightbook community

2,843 pilots have recorded 10,622 flights over the past 7 days! Some of the recent flights are shown below

B16781 ORD-ANC
BR 659 Curaca Carrillo, Javier Enrique
Schlager (Inst)
McElroye (Comm Multi)
Lazina (Comm Multi)
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