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MyFlightbook ForeFlight Garmin Pilot CrewLounge Pilot Log
(formerly MccPilotLog)
Price FREE! Minimum subscription of $99/year for EFB product Minimum subscription of $79/year for EFB product €1.99-3.50/Month
Web Import, Export, and limited Reports only
iOS Log flights, and view logbook and totals only
Android Log flights, and view logbook and totals only
Data Hosting Cloud Cloud Cloud Your hard drive
Import from spreadsheet
Import from other electronic logbook exports From a limited set From a limited set
Import From/Export To CloudAhoy  
Import flights from company scheduling software CrewTrac, RosterBuster, TASC   Limited
Backup to 3rd-party cloud service Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox   Mcc Cloud Server
Automatic nightly backup to 3rd-party cloud service *  
Share flights with others (socially) Facebook, Twitter, Email  
Share flights with other pilots (to add to their logbook)  
Bulk edit flights  
Set Starting Totals (Manual)  
Data Entry
Attach images to flights
Attach videos to flights *  
Customizable Data Entry Templates ✔ (iOS only) Limited
Extensible fields Over 700, new ones added on request Yes, private to you  
"Pending" flights  
Create flight from live GPS track In realtime At end of flight At end of flight
Create flight from imported GPS track GPX, KML, CSV, NMEA, IGC  
Attach telemetry to flight GPS Track, engine parameters, many EFIS exports GPS track only GPS Track + AHRS if equipped
Autofill missing data from partial entry Limited
Cross-fill between time fields
Auto-fill of Instructor/SIC/PIC based on aircraft  
Currency - FAA
Currency - EASA
Currency - Canada  
Currency - FAR 117 Rest Periods  
Currency - Military  
Currency - Night Vision  
Currency - Custom
Airline Applications (AirlineApps.Com) report  
Progress towards Ratings Sport, Private, PPL, EASA, Commercial, Instrument, ATP, DPE, Part 135, CFI, and...Custom Ratings PPL and Instrument  
Graphical analysis of flights  
Visited Airports  
Emailed currency/total reports  
Deadlines for aircraft  
Flying stats report by time period  
Flight Coloring: highlight flights that match criteria  
Find flights meeting a specific criteria
Save common searches for quick access  
Totals and reports based on search Date range only
Generate PDF  
Number of print layouts 12 1   40+
Customizable Print Layouts  
Signed flights and endorsements
Sign a flight
Issue an endorsement
Grant Viewing privileges to an instructor  
Grant Editing privileges to an instructor  
Request Signatures from an instructor  
Attach pictures to aircraft  
Track aircraft inspections, other aircraft deadlines  
Create Flying Clubs to schedule shared aircraft *  
Create custom airports  
Track flights to old airports  
Track medical, including BasicMed Medical Only  
Check flights for common errors/issues/best practices  
* Feature is a gratuity for making a donation
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