Source code

MyFlightbook is now open source. Please visit GitHub if you are interested.

There are 4 projects there:

  • MyFlightbookWeb has the code for the website, which backs the mobile apps. This is where the real database lives and where all the main logic lies.
  • MyFlightbookAndroid has the code for the Android app.
  • MyFlightbookiOS has the code for the the iOS app.
  • WSDLtoObjC has support code for the iOS app. This code consumes the WSDL (Web Service Description Language) from the website and generates Objective-C classes that talk to the web service and encapsulate the data.

To set up the web server, you will need Windows running IIS and a MySQL database. The file on GitHub provides walk-through instructions

PLEASE DO NOT TEST AGAINST THE LIVE SITE. While you can't harm other people's data, you can mess up your own. Contact us and we can point you to a safe staging/development server that you can use.

Web Service

The available calls (some of which are deprecated) can be found here; a formal XML-based description of the data structures can be found here.

Please read the wiki on github for more information.

Integrating with MyFlightbook

MyFlightbook supports the oAuth2 protocol. You can learn more about this on the MyFlightbook wiki.

To integrate your service, you must implement oAuth. You can then call make calls to the web service on behalf of the user

There is an oAuth testbed in the playpen (where widgets and tools that aren't officially supported live) that you can use to test this out.

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