MyFlightbook Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions about MyFlightbook. Contact us if your question is not answered here.


Can I bulk edit my flights?
Excel download isn't displaying dates correctly

If you have a language/country setting that is outside of US-English, There is a bug in Excel where it doesn't send your language/locale information to the site.  When you refresh, therefore, it defaults to US-English conventions (including displaying dates in month/day/year format, instead of whatever date format is appropriate for your locale.) 

There is a workaround, although it's a bit of a hack:

  • Open the file in Excel
  • Right click in the data area and select "Edit Query"
  • At the end of the "Address" line, add &loc=xx-yy where xx-yy is your preferred language and country.  Type it exactly like that - e.g., &loc=en-ca for Canadian English.  (You can generally find the code you need by exploring your browser's "Language" settings, or contact us and we'll be happy to help.)
  • Click "Import". You should be prompted for your email and password.
Excel refresh isn't working
How can I get more HH:MM columns in the CSV download?
How can I print my logbook?
How do you decide what to add as flight properties?
How do you make money with MyFlightbook if it's free?

Getting Started

Are there any tutorials for using MyFlightbook?
Can I bulk import telemetry (GPX, KML, etc.) to my flights?
I have lots of hours - is there an easy way to import them into MyFlightbook?
I have lots of hours on paper, is there an easy way to set my starting totals?
I imported my flights twice and now I have two copies of each flight.
I tried to import a spreadsheet but it tells me I have no "Date" column
Important tips for easy flight import.


How can I delete my account?
Why do I need an account?


How can I delete or update an aircraft?
How do I handle amphibs and planes that are part time on floats?
I added an aircraft, but it changed the model I specified. Why?
I fly lots of aircraft that are the same model (e.g., an airline pilot).
I have too many aircraft in my list - can I remove aircraft I no longer fly?

Airports and Mapping

How do I include a VOR/NDB/etc. in my route of flight?
How do I log airports?
My airport isn't in your database


Can my website or app work with MyFlightbook?
I'm a developer - is there any way to help?


Can I merge flights?
How do I change the date format?

Logging Time

Does MyFlightbook track duty time per FAR 117?
How can I log CFI or SIC Time?
How can I log high-performance/tailwheel/turbine/complex time?
How can I record a combination property?
How can I record my multi-engine (or helicopter or other) checkride?
How can I record Solo Cross-Country, Dual Cross-Country, or PIC-Cross-Country?
How do I log ground training/instruction when I didn't fly?
How do I log simulator time (ATD/FTD/Simulator)?
How should I log cross-country time
My simulator time is being included in my totals (or SEL/MEL time). Why?
Why am I seeing my Seneca time contribute to high-performance totals?
Why aren't my landings or takeoffs counting towards my currency?

Mobile Apps

Can I use the mobile app off-line?
How do I update or delete an aircraft?
My app isn't detecting takeoffs/landings - why not?
Troubleshooting Android
Why is the landing count wrong?

Tips & Tricks

Formatting your comments.
I have multiple flights on the same day, but they're not sorted correctly
Mobile Apps - Data Entry


Can my instructor endorse my logbook?
Can my instructor sign a flight?
Will the FAA accept signatures on MyFlightbook?

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