About MyFlightbook

MyFlightbook is an open-source product of a passion for aviation meeting a need for a free online logbook; it is meant to be a way of giving back to the pilot community.

We believe:

  • Every pilot should be using an electronic logbook
  • Aviation is expensive enough; your logbook shouldn't add to the burden
  • Your data is YOUR data
  • You should have access to your data from anywhere, at any time
  • MyFlightbook should be the best purpose-built pilot logbook out there, period.

MyFlightbook is not trying to be a commercial poduct. As such, it won't close its doors for lack of profit, and donations help cover the modest operating costs. It does not sell your personal data, it doesn't send marketing email, and it won't nickel-and-dime you.

Even without being profit-oriented, we still realize that you have a lot of options for your logbook needs, and so we thank you for using MyFlightbook! We also rely on your feedback, and any support you can offer. And if you're a developer, we encourage you to contribute to the code, the design, or other aspects of MyFlightbook!

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