Shared flights taken by Pascal Duchemin

1/5/2020 - N91934 (Logged Time: 2.10)
C-172 R/G-1000, Cessna Skyhawk ASEL
Flight following north SJC airspace ------------ We took of from runway 25L after asking clearance to KSNS (Salina). The weather at descination was in process of clearing but were forecast to be totally cleared at time of arrival. Norcal gave me the option to fly over Moffett or north east for San Jose. I chose the latter option. For most of the flight, we had the sun in our face which made the flight a little hard, but I had all waypoint plotted on my tablet and the G1000. We got cleared to land on runway 13. Landing was uneventful and the airport pretty quiet. After a 30mn break we headed back using the same flight plan. We flew under a couple jetliners on long final for SJC.
12/30/2019 - F-BXZX (Logged Time: 0.60)
C-172 N, Cessna Skyhawk II ASEL
Tour Moorea ------------------- During a trip to Tahiti, French Polynesia, I decided to contact a local FBO to see if I could do a tour of the area. The "UTA" FBO on the internation airport of Papetee was nice enough to get back to me. I met Laurent, an instructor who had been flying in the area for 15 years ( and had trained in Livermore, CA at some point). We took of from runway 04 and headed to the island of Moorea which is less than 10mn flight over the sea. There were a bunch of low clods over the island, but most were high enough to be able to fly around the island. We flew inside Cook's bay and got out from Opunohu bay. Winds were a little choppy during that part of the flight. We headed back to Papetee and got cleared for Runway 04. All communications are done in french which made the flight interesting, but the landscape and views were definitely beautiful.
11/17/2019 - N14008 (Logged Time: 1.40)
C-172 S/G-1000, Cessna Skyhawk SP ASEL
Bay tour. Did not get clear Bravo. Many comm mistakes ---------------- It had been the 3rd time I have been tryng to do a bay tour via the Class B SFO bay shore transition. I talked to an instructor before who suggested I land at KSQL and ask for my clearance. When arriving in KSQL, the controller was extremely busy (and runnign tower + ground at the same time). He asked me for an entry towards cement plant, which I was familiar with. However, the controller asked for ATT which I was not familiar with, He sent me to a 3 miles final for rway 30 instead. On final, he cleared me for a "low pass". Probably because I explained that I woul head out right after. There were many traffics taking off and landing. I asked again for a full stop hoping that I could ask on the ground for the clearance. I could tell the controller was getting impatient with me since I was not familiar with the procedure at the airport. After taxing back to runway 30, I probably waited 10mn to get my clearance to takek off again, but not through Bravo. I asked for a coastal departure. At that point, I already had made multiple mistake in the comm: Not being familiar with the ATT waypoint. Not understanding that I was asked for a low pass/approach so that I could head out somewhere else. The way back through the coast was pretty uneventful. However, the Norcal controller was quite busy, after being pretty much being over Emeryville, the controller asked me where I was going (I had been hoping to let him know I was on my way to Hayward but was talking non-stop). Controller basically told me that I could have told him sooner where I was going. I was instructed to stay out of the coliseum TFR, at some point, It looks like I got too close (TFR is 4 miles on the map, whereas the Oakland Charly is 5), the controller warned me to stay out of the TFR. Finally, the last mistake: after being handed over from Norcal to Huyward tower I had the wrong frequency entered and contacted OAK Tower instead of Hayward. I was provided the right frequency. While taxiing back to the green ramp, I snapped a picture of a very interesting antique plane. Not even sure if it could fly, but it taxiied back and forth on taxiway Alpha.
11/3/2019 - N14008 (Logged Time: 1.10)
C-172 S/G-1000, Cessna Skyhawk SP ASEL
Flight following bay tour via coast. Attempt SFO bay shore transition without success ---------------- I was hoping to do a bay tour via the SFO bay shore transition (101). I ask Hayward ground for that type of flight following but they would not accept and told me to ask KSQL or KSFO. Over the san Mateo bridge, I asked KSQL TWR for flight following with Class B transition. They declined and told me to ask KSFO tower. KSFO controller was busy and basically did not return my call. I ended up asking KSQL TWR for transition into their aisrpace and ended up following the coast back to downwtown SFO. I managed to get flight following about 10 miles south of SAU. Landing back at KHWD was uneventuful.
10/20/2019 - N629AH (Logged Time: 0.90)
C-172 S, Cessna Skyhawk SP ASEL
Flight following from gnd control. Stayes out of SJC Charlie ----------------- It had been a month a half I had not flown, so decided to do a fairly easy flight that would get me back into the groove of navigation and communication. I asked Hawyrad ground for flight following and got my sqwack and frequencies right away. I follwed highway 880 and ended up landing on runway 31R in KRHV. I did a full stop and asked ground for flight floowing back to Hayward. This also allowed me to settled back instead of being rushed. On the way back I flow underneath a boeing on long final to KOAK. I was number 3 for 28L and since was a little faster than the controller expected got switched to 28R about 3 miles out. It was my first time flying with the Bendix KLN moving map system, It is much simpler than the garmins but obviously not as powerful, I used most of the time my tablet for navigation though.
8/31/2019 - N91934 (Logged Time: 0.90)
C-172 R/G-1000, Cessna Skyhawk ASEL
Bay tour. OAK shoreline transition ------------- My plan was to do a bay tour via the SFO Bayshore transition. I requested a "clockwise bay tour via bayshore transition" to HWD ground. I got provided a squak and OAK tower frequency. After being handed off to OAK, the tower asked me to head north west. I requested to confirm that I was doing a bayshore transition, which the controller confirmed. However did not realize this was the OAK shoreline transition (which I had never done anyways, so this was still a good experience). After being handed off to Norcal approach 120.9, the controller told me to do a right turn to 040 and informed me "you are in a TFR right now". I was quite surprise because the SF Giants TFR was not active for another 2 hours but complied. A minute after, the controller told me that the TFR was indeed not active. I finished my bay tour over San Francisco. The ADS-B was quite helpful calling out all the traffic around. I headed back to KHWD when closer to Berkeley. I got routed to the coliseum at 2500. and landed on 28R.
8/18/2019 - N20HJ (Logged Time: 1.60)
DA-40-XLS, Diamond Diamond Star ASEL
DA40 checkout. Stalls, slow flight, pattern, emergency practice ---------- I decided to get checked out on the DA40 at California airways. The plane is much more modern than the 172s and more performant. It is also a constant speed propeller. After spending 30mn on the gorund and 30mn on the ramp to get familiar with the plane, we took off from runway 28 and headed towards Tracy. The plane behaved perfectly and was really smooth to handle. After passing over KLVK my instructor had me practice some maneuvers (power on/off stalls, steep turns and emergencies). We got into KTCY for a few touch and goes. There is much less flaring on this airplane than on the 172, it took me a few tries to get to a better shape. After 4 touch and goes, we headed back to KHWD, the sun was coming down and the scenery was great. I got checked out on the plane but will fly another session with my instructor in order to feel more confident with the landings.
8/3/2019 - N14008 (Logged Time: 1.20)
C-172 S/G-1000, Cessna Skyhawk SP ASEL
Could not land at HAF. South bay tour. Go around -------------- I had planned on going to KHAF and then go north for a bay tour. The TAF and Metar at the time seemed OK. However, ater passing KSQL I realized that the cloud coverage was too low to land at HAF and I could not go north due to the layer of clouds. I decided to follow the coast south until being around the same latitude as San Jose and cross back over the mountain. I could not get Norcal Approach until I got much closer to the Class C San Jose. I asked for flight following back to KHWD but since I had not planned nor studied the route before end, I decided to go south and underneath Class C. Controller was quite helpful and routed me all the way back in to KHWD. On final at HWD, a flock of bords were on 28R, I had to go around to avoid something bad from happening
7/27/2019 - LN-FTQ (Logged Time: 1.20)
DA-40NG, Diamond Diamond Star ASEL
Fjords, Glacier. Bergen flight -------------- During a trip to Bergen in Norway, I contacte a local FBO to do a flight over the area. The club I went to had a Diamond DA40NG available. I met the instructor who is a pilot for Norwegian airline on the Boeing 737 on a late morning. Weather was quite hot already. Since I had never flown the DA40, we spent a few minutes to get introduced to the plane. We took off towards the south and flew over various island. We then headed east and went over the Fjords until we reached a glacier. On the way back we practice some maneuvers. I executed slow flights and stalls, the the instructor demonstrated the power on stall. He seemed quite familiar with the plane and executed the stall with a partial entrance to a spin (and recovered quickly). We flew over downtown Bergen afterwards and did a touch and go and one full stop.
6/23/2019 - N172CA (Logged Time: 2.50)
C-172 N, Cessna Skyhawk/100 ASEL
Coastal flight
6/8/2019 - N91934 (Logged Time: 1.40)
C-172 R/G-1000, Cessna Skyhawk ASEL
KSQL transition. Bay Tour
5/27/2019 - N91934 (Logged Time: 1.90)
C-172 R/G-1000, Cessna Skyhawk ASEL
Flight following . Low clouds
5/12/2019 - N172CA (Logged Time: 1.30)
C-172 N, Cessna Skyhawk/100 ASEL
Bay tour. T/G APC
4/26/2019 - N91934 (Logged Time: 1.30)
C-172 R/G-1000, Cessna Skyhawk ASEL
Club checkout. G1000. Nice job
4/7/2019 - N398ES (Logged Time: 2.00)
C-172 R, Cessna Skyhawk ASEL
Fly through Class C SAC. Fly over clouds ---------------- Myself and a friend took of from runway 19L. Weather was scattered over Sacramento area, so I decided to fly above the clouds at 3500 instead of 1500 as originally planned. Auburn airport had 3 traffics when 10 miles out, but by the time I got in the pattern, they had all landed. After a brunch right on the APRON at the "wing Cafe" we went back up and this time cloud coverage over SAC and Travis was overcast at 1500. I decided to climb to 4500 and hope that we would find a hole before getting closer to KCCR (which we did). Landing on 32 R was uneventful.
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