12/3/2019 - N646MS

Michael Hitchcock - KFTW TO 4T2 Flew from Aero to Copeland. High reconnaissance landings to confined spaces-3 concrete blocks on Reserve training facility near Copeland. (SWOPP). Surface, shape, size, slope, surroundings (people vehicles, animals), Wind (look at smoke, dirt, trees, water (wind is coming from glassy side of water-it hits land and water is smooth right after),windsock, Obstactle(trees, power lines, fences), Path In Path Out, Power check (can be done on paper or downwind-pull 7” collective power but not too fast or will climb, then collective back down but not too fast or could over speed rotors. have to be careful so don’t overspend). Need 7” of manifold pressure. Other power check is Level flight at 60 knots (like final approach for landing) and not up or down, check manifold pressure there and make sure u still have adequate power (7” more). Back to AM Aero- pattern work. Shallow approaches w running landings. Sloped landings and take offs: upslope skid touches first, side cyclic into slope, collective down until down slope skid touches. Collective down halfway-check forward and aft cyclic, collective the rest of the way down, then used cyclic to put rotors neutral. Back to Hanger 11s
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● Average Speed: 827.1kts ● Route distance: 1,654.1nm ● Longest Segment: 827.9nm
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