9/16/2019 - N624DP

Spencer Hamons - KBIL KGNB KAXX Flight from Billings to Angel Fire. Flew over Rocky Mountain National Park, then Grand Lake, the over Rollins Pass and found spot where we were married on the Continental Divide Trail. Had to dodge a lot of clouds south of Salida to Angel Fire.
  • Flying over Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado
  • View to the west flying over Rocky Mountain National Park
  • View to the west, flying over Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Grand Lake, Colorado - between Winter Park and Rocky Mountain National Park. Coryee and I had our honeymoon dinner here.
  • This is the spot on Rollins Pass where Coryee and I got married. Our first time to see if from the air in our Saratoga.
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● Average Speed: 201.5kts ● Route distance: 584.3nm ● Longest Segment: 362.1nm ● Furthest distance from departure: 582.3nm ● Furthest points from each other: KAXX and KBIL (582.3nm)
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