9/11/2019 - N624DP

Spencer Hamons - KAXX KRKS KJAC Flight from Angel Fire to Jackson, Wyoming for a couple of days before going to Billings, MT to see Tim and Kaylieth Pellenadini. Lots of bad weather en-route. Had to climb to 17,500 for the first time and use Oxygen while trying to get over the storms.
  • Spencer in front of the Saratoga in Jackson, WY
  • Coryee with the Saratoga in Jackson, WY
  • Best ground we've ever had in a Saratoga
  • Palisades Lake near Alpine, WY and 46U Airpark
  • Flying between 46U and Jackson, WY
  • First time I have ever had to climb up to 17,500
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● Average Speed: 76.7kts ● Route distance: 498.6nm ● Longest Segment: 356.9nm ● Furthest distance from departure: 498.6nm ● Furthest points from each other: KAXX and KJAC (498.6nm)
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