5/19/2023 - N66970

Pascal Duchemin - KHWD KOAK KHWD C-150 checkout. ---------- I had not flown with the instruction Quincey Carr before. I was looking to get proficient again in the C150 to have fun once in a while in a smaller plane. We took off for a few maneuvers first over Dublin then Quincy shows me a great technic to practice touch and goes very efficiently by basically taking off and landing on the same runway in the same run. The lesson was challenging but quite fun and brought my confidence back flying the 150 (which I had not flown for over 15 years.
Average Speed: 10.0kts ● Route distance: 12.0NM ● Longest Segment: 6.0NM (KHWD⬌KOAK) ● Furthest points from each other: 6.0NM (KHWD⬌KOAK)

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