8/20/2022 - N21263

Pascal Duchemin - KHWD KSCK KHWD Followed plane - flight following ------ Right before I called ground for flight following to Stockton, I heard another C172 asking for the same thing. I took off right after that plane and got handed off to norcal approach. I was basically at his 10 o clock most of the flight. When getting closer to Stockton, I decided to do a right 360 to get some separation (controller also had me climb 500 feet above the other plane). I landed in Stockton uneventfully. THe other plane kept doing touch and goes
Average Speed: 59.1kts ● Route distance: 88.7NM ● Longest Segment: 44.3NM (KHWD⬌KSCK) ● Furthest points from each other: 44.3NM (KHWD⬌KSCK)

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