7/26/2022 - F-BXZX

Pascal Duchemin - NTAA NTAA Southwest Moorea - Bad weather coming --------------- On a second tript to Tahiti, Franch Polynesia, I decided to go back to the flying club I had been to a couple years prior, UTA to do a flight on a Cessna. The weather was acceptable at the time, but the flight instructor (Laurent) noticed bad weather (rain) coming from the north which could potentially cut our route. Our flight plan was to head to northwest of Tahiti and fly around the island of Moorea. As we got closer to the island it became clear that we would not be able to go around the island due to bad weather. We flew south of it and did a few 360 and headed back to Faaa airport. Since the bad weather was still a little far out, we did a couple landings.

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