6/10/2022 - N44PF

Pascal Duchemin - KHWD KIC KHWD BSR - Some mountain flying -------- I decided to fly to Big Sur before my destination (KIC). The wind by the coast was quite bumpty was more focused flying the plane than looking down for the bridge. I was not able to find it. I had planned to fly over the Big Sur VOR , but it was in the middle of mountains. I decided to head north were these were less steep and fly over. After landing at KIC I took a break in the pilot lounge. The flight back was unenventful
Average Speed: 65.5kts ● Route distance: 196.6NM ● Longest Segment: 98.3NM (KIC⬌KHWD) ● Furthest distance from departure: 98.3NM (KHWD⬌KIC) ● Furthest points from each other: 98.3NM (KIC⬌KHWD)

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