4/29/2022 - N1868H

Pascal Duchemin - KHWD 3O8 KHWD Cruise 5500' 6500' . Enter MOA. Called Flight service ------------ I had wanted to do this flight for a long time as I had been driving Highway I5 on the way to LA these past few years. Harris Ranch is basically a highway stop with multiple amenities and hotel/restaurant. I had to fly high enough to clear 4500' mountain. As I got sent to the MOA controller, I heard a couple times jets practicing. After landing, I only took a 30mn break since I had to be back home mid afternoon. The flight back was fairly uneventful
Average Speed: 85.4kts ● Route distance: 247.8NM ● Longest Segment: 123.9NM (3O8⬌KHWD) ● Furthest distance from departure: 123.9NM (KHWD⬌3O8) ● Furthest points from each other: 123.9NM (3O8⬌KHWD)

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