12/11/2020 - N21263

Pascal Duchemin - KHWD O22 KHWD Flown into IMC and did 180 over KLVK ----------- I decided to go to an airport I had been once or twice before a long time ago: Columbia. The outbound flight was pretty uneventful which allowed me to refresh my memory on using the autopilot and ask for weather through Flight service. When arriving to O22, I heard a tanker leave. The Fire department was dispatching 2 other tanker and asked me to go around to let them take off. I went around and waited 5 mn south of the airport then returned to the airport. The way back was more eventful. I knew the weather would get worse later in the afternoon, but not during my flight time. METARs and TAFs were OK. However, as I was crossing the valley, I would hit a few small storm so would just avoid them. Unfortunately as I would get over KLVK I could not maintain VFR at 3000. I asked to descent to 2000 but only got cleared to 2500. After a few more miles I hit IMC and had to do a 180. Controller saw that I was uturning and granted me 2000 feet. Even though I went through rain, I had still good visibility, I landed in KHWD uneventfully.
Average Speed: 76.5kts ● Route distance: 168.3nm ● Longest Segment: 84.1nm ● Furthest distance from departure: 84.1nm
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