8/2/2020 - N629AH

Pascal Duchemin - KHWD KHWD First Flight with Leo over Dublin -------------- Our son had not flown in a small airplane since he was born. Since I am hoping to fly more often with the family in the future, we decided to have him try a very short flight. I had my wife next to him in the back seat. Pre flight was a little different since I had to setup the car seat and various webcams to record the flight. I asked flight following to practice over Dublin. We took off from 28R. On take off he was clapping and seemed happy but soon after things got slightly bumpy. My son did not appreciate this too much and started asking to go back. After getting handed over to Norcal Approach and be over Dublin, I asked to come back. We gave him some cookies to calm him down which helped quite a bit. Overall the flight was OK, but we will have to get him used to bumps during the course of the flight.
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