7/19/2020 - N14008

Pascal Duchemin - KHWD 2O3 KHWD Xwind landing in 2O3 ------------ The person before me did not return the plane on time which shrunk my already small window (2 hours) of time for my Xconuntry flight. I went ahead and did the usual prelflight and asked for flight following from the ground but was ot given in a transition to OAK;s airspace. The outbound flight was uneventful by I knew that I would be really tight on time if I had to stop at 2O3 or have to do a couple landings. The airport does not have a METAR so I flew over the field to look at the windsock. I could not tell the wind speed but this was a direct Xwind. I was a little high on final and did the mistake of putting full flaps (which does not help with strong Xwind). I managed to land the plane fairly OK but the runway being 3000 feet I had to take off quick again. I did another more important mistake to not wait for the flaps to be fully up and took of. The plane got pushed outside of the runway even though I was still at just a few feet high and as the flaps were retracting, the plane went back down,fortunately did not touch the ground. Return back was uneventful but landed right on time. I should have had simply not gone that far and done a much shorter flight than the one I had planned to knowing that I would be short on time and would have to rush some of my precedures.
Average Speed: 96.9kts ● Path distance: 126.0nm ● Route distance: 114.3nm ● Longest Segment: 57.2nm ● Furthest distance from departure: 57.2nm
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