7/4/2020 - N14008

Pascal Duchemin - KHWD C83 KCCR KHWD Flight following, stall, Emergency procedures -------- Weather was perfect on a Saturday morning. A friend and I took off towards Byron for airwork. After executing a stall, I went through the emergency landing procedure (engine failuer) and then headed to C83 for a quick touch an go with a straight out departure to KCCR. Couple traffics were on their way out as I arrived. After a touch and go in KCCR, we headed back to KHWD. About 3 miles north of Lake Chabot, controller first told me to head to Cal state. Another traffic was on its way to so got rerouted direct to the airport. I noticed at the last minute that I was too high and would bust into KOAK Class C we forced me to do a quick dive to stay below Class C. Landing was uneventful in KHWD.
Average Speed: 73.1kts ● Path distance: 95.0nm ● Route distance: 68.4nm ● Longest Segment: 25.7nm ● Furthest points from each other: C83 and KHWD (25.7nm)
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