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Use identifiers for airports or navaids in either ICAO, IATA, or FAA format - e.g., "SFO" or "KJFK".


  • If a navaid and airport share an identifier, the airport is assumed; prefix the navaid with "@" to force the navaid.
    E.g., "BOS" mean Boston Logan Airport, but "@BOS" means the Boston VOR
  • Type ad-hoc latitude/longitudes using "@" and a latitude/longitude. Use positive numbers for latitude/longitude, and N/S for Latitude or E/W for Longitudes.
    E.g., "@36.18N111.80W" for the Grand Canyon.
  • You can also combine discontiguous routes using "=>".
    E.g., BOS-LGA => JFK-LHR indicates a flight from Boston to New York Laguardia, and then from New York JFK to London Heathrow, but without the LGA-JFK segment

Zoom to fit entire route. 
Route distance: 360.9nm ● Longest Segment: 135.9nm ● Furthest distance from departure: 172.6nm ● Furthest points from each other: KFSD and VTN (172.6nm)
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