Not everything makes the cut for functionality. Sometimes there's a need for a quick-and-dirty tool, or a need for a testbed, or just a need for a place to try stuff out.

The playpen is where these things live. These tools are NOT ready for "prime time", they lack fit-and-finish, they often don't have good error reporting, and so forth. But they may be useful or interesting. So they are offered here AS-IS.

  • Checklist - Create interactive checklists for your aircraft.
  • Day/Night - See the angle of the sun (and thus sunset/night time) at various points around the world.
  • iCal Convert - Take a spreadsheet of appointments and create an iCal file (that you can load into Outlook).
  • Image Debugger - See metadata about images.
  • Merge Flights - Merge multiple flights into one. USE WITH CARE - THIS ACTS ON YOUR LOGBOOK DATA!!!!
  • Merge Telemetry - Merge multiple telemetry files into one.
  • oAuth Client Tester - Tool for testing oAuth access to MyFlightbook; see the Developer page for more information.
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