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MyFlightbook is your online pilot's logbook!

MyFlightbook lets you:
  • Access your logbook from anywhere using either a browser or a mobile app!
  • Ensure that you are current
  • Track when your medical or flight review is due
  • See your flying totals using customizable queries
  • Use your phone or tablet to record new flights using the MyFlightbook app for iPhone/iPad/Android/Windows Phone
  • Share flights with your friends on Facebook or Twitter
  • Download your logbook into a spreadsheet, either for backup or for further analysis
  • Even plan a trip or see a trip you've taken on a map!

MyFlightbook is completely free of charge!

Here is a quick description of the main areas of the site:

  • Logbook   - Enter new flights and view flights you've taken; this is the primary page for MyFlightbook. You can also perform searches, see your flying totals, view currency, download your logbook to a spreadsheet, or import your logbook from another source.
  • Aircraft   - View and edit just the aircraft that you fly.  There are many more airplanes in the system, but to show you all of them would be very cumbersome, so we just show you the ones that you fly.  If you type in the call sign of an aircraft that's already in the system, we'll reuse the definition for you so that you don't have to type all that information in again! You can also define the characteristics of various planes.  E.g., you may fly two different Cessna 172s, but they all share the same characteristics (ASEL, non-retract, etc.). MyFlightbook uses this to determine your time in aircraft that have these characteristics so you don't have to log it yourself!
  • Airports - View flight routes with links for FBO information and weather, see airports you've visited, add airports, and try your skills at identifying airports from satellite imagery. You can even add new airports into the system
  • Profile - Change your password, provide the date of your last flight review and medical, and adjust your preferences. Instructors can also provide endorsements for students here!

Recent flights taken by members of the MyFlightbook community

1,162 pilots have recorded 3,275 flights over the past 7 days! Some of the recent flights are shown below

B-16708 TPE-BKK
BR67 王紀誠


Returning home, running away from storms in Houston, flying low under the solid deck, then climbing through a gap up into clean cold air.

Pilots'n'Paws flight - transporting Buster from Georgetown to Houston, final destination Florida. Great cool morning (85F @ 0800).

Krista safety pilot

Flight to the training area. Steep turns and power off stalls. 4 landings with 2 notches of flaps, while 1 landing as flawless. The air was a bit bumpy with a solid northerly rolling off the surrounding hills.

Check Ride

N9021G S33 6K5

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